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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Feast of St. John!

Strong winds in the morning and threatening skies did not deter Sarah and me from our morning run/walk, and I found a few little flowers that hadn’t made yesterday’s list, too. Still not all-inclusive. Can’t keep up. Reminds me of when my son “exploded into speech” and I couldn’t keep up a list of his words for more than a couple of weeks, so quickly did they multiply.

It was a mostly rainy day until late in the afternoon, and then the sky cleared and the sun shone. The meadow flowers and grasses danced in the magical early evening light.

Deep in the woods, under the shade of the canopy, not much is blooming at this time of year, but I did find the flowers of the wild leeks, along with a few little herb Robert blossoms.

Summer is now. Have yourself a feast. I had one already this morning, getting up in the dark to read PEOPLE OF THE BOOK, by Geraldine Brooks, to the tune of rain pattering on the porch roof. Cozy!


Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed catching up on your posts this morning. I think I may have to go live in Seth's India for a few weeks this summer, although I fear the Civil War veterans may demand to come along and wouldn't that be bizarre.

The wildflower journal is lovely, its reminders of fragrance very welcome. (The Cowboy has been emitting toxic clouds all morning, and I have had to put him in the dog room with the window open.)

I especially appreciate the inclusion of grasses--and it never occurred to me that wild leeks must flower. Now I'll go look for the blossoms.

P. J. Grath said...

I was telling someone else about A SUITABLE BOY this morning, and she said she always had to save novels set in India to read in the winter. Too hot, otherwise. I wonder what reflections you would have on political divisions in India thanks to all your Civil War reading.

Poor Cowboy! The book I read recently on horses said they hate the smell of death. Have you noticed that dogs don't mind it at all? Difference between herbivores and carnivores, I guess.

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