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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Community: It's All About Connections

I've identified a phenomenon that was begging for a name. Interblogging! As I conceive this phenomenon, it’s more than posting a link. It involves, besides the link, referring within a post to someone else’s post. Last night Kathy and I interblogged, because she visited my bookstore and photographed the event, which I neglected to do. Marjorie and I have been interblogging lately, too, and today is another example, as I’m sending you over to see her photographs of some of her favorite Northport hangouts. Since she doesn’t (yet) accept comments on her blog, I’ll add here that the little bark-covered building on the corner of Mill and Nagonaba, one of the five northern Michigan buildings that once housed Dog Ears, is definitely not the oldest building in town. It was built in the 20th century (I forget what decade) for $500. The building directly to the west, however, another former business home of mine, was the original Morgan’s store and is right up there in the running for oldest building. The Willowbrook? I don’t know. I do know that it was not, despite the water wheel, the old mill building; that latter was, naturally, on the millpond.

For yet another day I’m postponing my post (that sounds strange) on horses and dogs to get in a plug for upcoming Northport events. It is, after all, only three days to the Northport Lighthouse and Marina Festival, which includes the traditional Northport Fish Boil! That’s this Saturday. And in the evening is the spring concert by the Leelanau Children’s Choir and Leelanau Youth Ensemble, another don’t-miss event. Everyone involved has been working hard to make the festival, the fish boil and the concert events worth the trip to Northport.

When you come to town, take the time also to look around at all beautiful gardens. Nagonaba Street in the last block before the marina park is particularly beautiful. The picture below also reminds me to remind everyone else that the Northport Area Heritage Association (NAHA) museum is open at the depot (I'm not sure if it's every day but pretty sure it's Thursday through the weekends), offering a peek into Northport's past. North of the depot is also the Visitors Center. There are people all over town to satisfy your curiosity and help you find your way around.


P. J. Grath said...

Well, I'm going to post a comment here myself, rather than go back and edit yet again, to say that a trip to the NAHA museum in the depot is probably just the way to answer the "oldest building" question.

Anonymous said...

OK, I went over to check out the interblogs (um, you mixed their links, btw, but it doesn't matter because they're both good to visit). Those were some outstanding photos of Sarah doing her hypnotist act. "You want to go for a walk . . . a nice, long walk . . . a walk in the meadow over there . . . "

And of course I do.

P. J. Grath said...

Some of us would be lost if we couldn't go back and edit. Thanks, Gerry. I've straightened out the links and hope there wasn't too much confusion.

Anonymous said...

Love this concept of interblogging, Pamela! There is so much yet to explore in this world of much to share!