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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Happiness in Repetition (Because Nothing Is Exactly the Same Twice, Is It?)

Another busy week is underway. Tonight Bonnie Jo Campbell will be at the Opera House in Traverse City, as part of the National Writers Series Bookmania Week, and tomorrow she will be here in Northport at Dog Ears Books. She's been getting national press right and left, and I'm pinching myself to confirm that I'm not dreaming. She's coming to my bookstore -- again? I am so lucky!

On Friday we're expecting family and hope to arrange for a little sunshine by then, but even under cloudy skies the fall colors are coming on, as you can see from these scenes along my morning commute. Sumac is blazing, as are many maples, and tamarack and popples are starting the annual shift from green to yellow in Leelanau County, as they were last week up in the U.P. 

Sunshine or clouds, summery or chilly, whatever the weather, it's always good to be with writers we admire and friends and family we love. 

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