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Friday, November 21, 2014

In a Bookstore, the Most Ordinary Day Can Seem Like Christmas

Opening a package of books, I hold my breath --
Dan, Dan, the UPS man! He came early today and was hardly out the door before I was ripping open my box from David R. Godine, Publisher. I've been excited and impatient ever since I sent in my order for these books, which are every bit as beautiful and thrilling as I knew they'd be. Some are re-orders, while others are new to me. 

Want to see what was inside the box?  Here you go:

David, on hand for the box-opening, could not keep his hands off the books, especially the Boys’ Handy Book and the story about Hokusai, The Old Man Mad About Drawing. As you might guess, I love them all, so wanted to have them available for customer-friends over the holiday shopping season. 

Such treasures! But then, I always do think of my bookstore as a little treasure island, ready to reward the adventurous, exploring browser.

And we’ve had sunshine today, too! Truly, my cup runneth over.

Slush! Melting snow! A most welcome sight!


Karen Casebeer said...

What a wonderful batch of books you've received! The one that caught my eye was The Lonely Typewriter. I imagine there are lots of lonely typewriters out there in this age of computers and internet.

Dawn said...

Can't ask for a better day up north. A box of books and sun!

P. J. Grath said...

My young bookseller colleague Paul Stebleton, of Landmark in Traverse City, is working to make typewriters much less lonely. He not only has an assortment for sale at his bookshop in the Grand Traverse Commons, but he sells ribbons, too.

No sunshine this Saturday morning, but the temperature is so moderate as to feel downright balmy, and I'm liking that....