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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Indoors and Out, "Outgoing" is the Word of the Week

Can you see the difference? Maybe not, if you've never visited Dog Ears Books in person, but believe me, the bookstore is much changed in the last week. It was the season of the Big Purge, the object being to clear floor, bench, and all chairs of boxes and piles of books. In order to make that happen, of course,  some books on the shelves until recently had to make way for later arrivals. The weeding-out process is "ruthless," to use the word David applied to the same process in our household 21 year ago, the process that preceded the inaugural Dog Ears in 1993. Been here too long; not worthy of shelf space -- these are a couple of judgments that were flying around the bookshop on those busy days, and it's made quite a difference to me, of which I'm very proud.

Helper Bruce returned from his latest travels and joined in on Wednesday. We filled boxes from law, economics, business, and health sections before he retreated to military history and I to cookbooks, where we continued the work separately. 

And now, look! Browsers and customers will be able to sit on the bench while perusing the shelves -- quite a revolutionary notion, eh?

Meanwhile, out on Lake Michigan, most of the ice is gone, except in the Manitou Passage, seen here from Jelinek Road.

Not everything is going out, though. New books are always coming in, as will -- very soon -- spring blossoms.

Happy holidays, all!


Dawn said...

That was a lot of work!! Can you come do my closets now! I need ruthless.

Fleda said...

I relate. You know how much personal purging of books we've been doing lately. So hard to decide. I so admire your photography.

Karen Casebeer said...

Pamela...Your bookstore looks great. I love the term The Big Purge. I wonder if the clearing out is related to spring (coming)? I seem to be doing the same with my home. Great shots of the Manitou Passage. It's breaking up on the Bay side too. Karen

Gerry said...

It's very hard to be ruthless while weeding a garden of books. I salute you. (I am captivated by the Zen Shorts blossom.)

P. J. Grath said...

My own closets -- and barns -- and yard --all need purging! It's easier to purge books at the bookstore than at home, because at home I have personal attachment to almost every volume.

ZEN SHORTS caught the eye of a bookstore visitor on Saturday and by now is cozy in a new home, but I've re-ordered.

There is still ice in the Manitou Passage this morning (Monday after Easter), still patches of snow in the woods, but more and more open water and bare ground appear every hour. I made a little start on raking and pruning at home, too, although there's no keeping up with Mother Nature.

'Ruthless' is a word I need to explore in terms of etymology.