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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ice Lingers On

Lake Michigan over cornfield, orchard, and willows
These shots of the ice lingering in the Lake Michigan's Manitou Passage -- between Leelanau County mainland and the offshore islands -- could go on my photo blog, because they have nothing to do with books, but this was a big part of my morning. The photo above and the one directly below were taken from Jelinek Road, near my home ground. The bright orange-yellow (up close more green-yellow) of the willows seems to sing this time of year, and I love the deep mauve-red of the cherry branches. But you see what I mean about the ice -- .

I hadn't planned an expedition to Peterson Park this morning. The plans I had didn't work out, though, and I had enough gas in the truck to get out northwest of the village, so that's where we went, Sarah and I. We hadn't been to Peterson Park since before winter set in. What a sight from the top of the hill, driving in! Why did it surprise me? Combination of blue sky, sunlight, and white, white ice stretching way, way out was breathtaking, even to Up North eyes that have been looking at ice and snow for months on end.

Anyone for a picnic?

South Fox Island out on the horizon

And then I went a little nuts. More ice. More ice. More ice. Haven't we seen enough already? Stop!!!

You're seeing North Manitou Island way out there

Beach, seen from above with telephoto
It would have been worth the drive out to Peterson Park even without the surprise detour I'd found earlier, entering Northport. Below is the detour seen from my end of the block, not the end visitors see as they arrive, but only half the block is closed, anyway. My end is open. And since helper Bruce (usually here on Wednesdays) is out of town this week, and since my drawing class has been cancelled for today (Boo-hoo!!! Get well quickly, Betsy!), and since today may be the only bright, sunny day we have this week, I'm glad my bookstore is still accessible.

Something going on at the bowling alley construction site....
 -- But what's this? A couple ventured up from Suttons Bay? Time to stop messing about with photos and get back to messing about with books.


Dawn Parker said...

Oh my goodness! Better pack our woolies. See you on the 3rd!

P. J. Grath said...

Yep, always plan for any kind of weather in Michigan. See you a week from Saturday, Dawn!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, that IS a lot of ice still. Hopefully it will all soon be a memory.

P. J. Grath said...

Amy-Lynn, it's the last ice on all of Lake Michigan, right here in the Manitou Passage, cooling the air that blows over Leelanau County!

Barbara Stark-Nemon said...

The Coast Guard still has 10 days of icebreaking in Lake Superior and the St. Mary's River just to let freighters coming through the Soo Locks get into Lake Michigan! One of the latest/longest ice-breaking seasons ever! Looking forward to seeing all the construction and my favorite book store the week of May 5!!!!

Karen Casebeer said...

I agree with the "enough already" sentiment you felt when viewing all that ice in the Passage. You've got some great shots here, Pamela. I love the one of the Tree in Peterson Park with the ice extending beyond. Also love the geometrics in the beach shot. Karen