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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Season of Transition

This was spring 2010.
Officially, spring begqn early this year, on the 20th instead of, as often happens, on the 21st. Yesterday. Spring? Does it look like spring?

This is spring 2013.

This year's is a leonine spring, fierce and wild and treacherous, in terms of visibility, road surfaces, and pedestrian footing. On the other hand, it's better for orchard and field crops and lake levels than last year's early thaw, followed by blizzard and freeze, so we wait patiently, confident that winter will not last forever. After all, it never has as long as we've been alive. 

It's a busy time, anyway, despite the lack of crowds in Northport. The building that houses Dog Ears Books has a new owner, and Clare (who will be moving her gallery from the Depot to Waukazoo Street before April is over) is making lots of changes, some of them affecting the bookstore. We'll have a new wall between gallery and bookstore, an interior door between the two, and our own new sidewalk entrance next to the law office front door. The door in the photo below will then serve as gallery entrance, no longer opening directly into the bookstore. Don't worry -- it won't be confusing when you see how it works out.

Current bookstore entrance . . . 

Meanwhile, there are carpenters at work in the gallery, and before they start on the new wall I have a lot of furniture and books to move. My sprawling, out-of-control storage area also has to be seriously downsized and contained within a restricted space. It's good. Clutter accumulates to fill available space, and I seriously need to pare down. It's time to purge, purge, purge! 

Spring cleaning -- isn't that a traditional activity for this time of year?


Kathy said...

What a difference a year makes... It sounds like you are certainly in a transitional space. Good luck with your book store spring cleaning! I should be doing that with the house but can't get inspired. Yet.

P. J. Grath said...

Well, Kathy, maybe you will be inspired when you get home from your trip to Florida! Thanks for the good wishes. We come home exhausted every day but feel sure the end result will be worth the effort.

Dawn said...

It's always good to purge. Hard to do though. And a lot of work!

P. J. Grath said...

I'll be glad when it's over, Dawn, but for now I'm really into it!