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Monday, January 28, 2013

Of Snow, Ice, and Dogs

Cherry orchard in January

We have been getting serious winter this month, and it is both a relief and a vexation. It’s a relief to everyone because snow means eventual snowmelt, and that means at least some amelioration of low water levels in the Great Lakes. It’s also a relief to farmers and all of us dependent on the local economy, because no one wants a repeat of last year’s lost fruit season.

We've been making it in and out so far,

although driving has been exciting!
And yet, who ever welcomes the arrival of freezing rain? That’s what we’ve got today, and radio announcements tell of school and other closings all across Michigan’s northern lower peninsula. Weather won’t get in the way of my plan to stay home and do some housework, and it will be a good day to read and to write letters. I’m not sure about outdoor adventures with Sarah, though. She loves romping and exploring in the snow, but I can just imagine the look of shocked disbelief on her face if I were to suggest a long expedition to the woods in freezing rain. She’s up for fun but not for being cold and miserable!

Queen of the Mountain
More about dogs? Okay. Saturday’s warmer temperatures and sunshine lured Mary and Nike out for a walk in Northport, and when they stopped in at the bookstore to pick up Mary’s order, I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera. What a stately visitor!

Visiting Royalty!


dmarks said...

I have yet to see a lesser Dane.

P. J. Grath said...

You probably don't mean this the way it sounds to me. I'm sure you do not mean to disparage this beautiful animal!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful dog! And how cool that it gets to visit the bookstore along with it's Mom! We had freezing rain too, on top of about 3 inches of snow. Katie did not like it at her little feet crunched through the frozen crust. She decided she'd ask to go out several times but not actually DO anything. She can do that as she is a princess.7

P. J. Grath said...

Maybe Princess Katie will come to the bookstore someday? I'm sure she would be an excellent guest, as is Nike.

Sarah and I got out for a little adventure. We were lucky to be out when no freezing rain was actually falling, and I took my camera, too, so I'll have some pictures up soon. Today (Tuesday) is supposed to be--sigh!--one of those unnaturally warm winter days, up in the 50s, with a 100% chance of rain.