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Friday, September 14, 2007

Slow Learner

My husband, David, likes to think I am "media-savvy," but the truth is the media is way ahead of me, and I'm running along behind, calling out forlornly, "Wait up!" This to say that I wanted very much to add a picture to last night's post and tried for two hours without success. Brainstorm this morning was to downsize the file, but that hasn't worked, either. It isn't much of a "window" that shows you nothing but words, however, so I'll keep on this task.

Postings coming soon will include the books MARCH; EVERYTHING FOR SALE; HOPE FOR CARSONVILLE; and BETWEEN THE WOODS AND THE WATER. There will also probably be something of a brief trip to Mackinac Island, my first overnight there and David's first visit.

Evening P.S. to this post: You can see that I finally made it. More to come!

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