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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Getting started

The purpose of this space, aside from self-expression, is to bridge the gap between my physical bookstore in northern Michigan and my friends and customers who spend much of their time somewhere else. We are already a community of minds and spirits, but this space will let me commune with you over the miles.

Those who love Dog Ears Books love Northport, Michigan, too. Thus my subjects for this space will fall into three broad categories: (1) news and musings from Northport in particular and the North in general; (2) reports on what I'm reading, no matter how long ago it was written; and (3) new books I consider worth the list price. Some postings will be a combination of all three categories--for instance, if I'm reading a new book and carrying that title in the bookstore and hosting an event with the author. Other times there will be no discernible link between my reflections and my business.

This is not a bookselling site. It is a window into my world. I hope you will enjoy visiting.


Joe Borri said...

yo pamela! it works.
talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting your blog up and running. I look forward to looking through your "window" regularly! Love, Maiya

Dorene said...

Wow, finally a blog worth reading! You cover books and Northport--what's not to love? Great photos, too. You seem to be a natural, Pam. Enjoy it--you'll get tons of visitors if you keep this up!