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Friday, May 24, 2013

Waukazoo Street Is Ready For You

The rain has stopped, the air is crisp and clear, the sun is bright, and despite the fact that we haven't got new signage yet on the old Hall & Kellogg garage building at 106 Waukazoo Street, things indoors are in pretty good order, just in time for (I can hardly believe it's already here!) the Memorial Day weekend.

Yes, we're open!

Red Mullein invites you --
Dog Ears Books invites you --
David Grath invites you --
When you see the OPEN signs (David Grath's gallery is pretty much open whenever the bookstore is open), come in and feast your eyes. 

Clare Gengarelly models one of her beautiful Japanese haori jackets. Each one is different, and all are gorgeous.
Clare also has jewelry and soft, bright weaving.
Her paintings are bright and cheerful, too.
David Grath's paintings glow with inner light.
The small gallery feels spacious and peaceful.
It's an oasis of calm and beauty.
You already know what's in my space: Dog Ears has notecards and puzzles, refrigerator magnets and laminated scenic bookmarks, but the basis of a bookstore is always books. 

New entrance --
New arrangement at front of shop --
Same dog who has not yet learned to read -- but she's very patient with readers.
Deirdre is a fabulous baker.
Coffee and treats are nearby, right across Waukazoo Street, in the "Big Store," although I've heard that Brew North may be changing its name any day now, along with offering more substantial fare. Erik and Deirdre and Dominic are also planning a music festival throughout the village to take place over 4th of July week.
On such a beautiful day, with Bruce is working for me at Dog Ears, I took the opportunity to stroll around the corner to Sally Coohon's shop, Dolls and More, on Nagonaba Street. Sally's place is always bright and colorful, Here she is explaining a new display to me. 

On the counter are sample craft items Sally made...
...displayed with the books that give instructions on how to do the crafts.
All this is only the tip of the iceberg Northport activity this season. Workers are busy at the old Stubb's restaurant on Waukazoo, which will open under a new name and new management probably by the 4th of July, and there's work going on also at the T-intersection of Waukazoo and Nagonaba where we are soon to have a brew pub, if I've got the story straight, and another new gallery and another new shop will be opening soon on Nagonaba Street, too, not to mention the golf course and bowling alley projects. 

Ours is only a small village, and we're still waiting for frost-free nights, but here comes the sun! 

We are unfolding eagerly in the light


Dawn said...

Looks wonderful! Enjoy the sunshine. It's still COLD here! Probably there too..but sun is good.

P. J. Grath said...

Sunshine is great, Dawn, but tomorrow I will be wearing shoes and socks, not open sandals. An early Memorial Day this year -- I'm sure we'll have warmer weather soon.

Deborah said...

I can hardly wait to be there! And by July I'm sure sandals will be fine too.

P. J. Grath said...

Yes, Deborah, July is pretty reliably sandal weather. We look forward to your visit, too!

Kathy said...

So very beautiful! I am glad it's looking so good. The public is going to love it.