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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two Reasons Why I’ve Fallen Behind in My Reading

Replacing what the moles ate
Lettuce seedlings

Reason #1: It’s spring, and that means planting and mowing and watering new plants and conditioning straw bales for the garden planting and mowing and mowing and mowing.

A couple of the garden bales by clothesline
Lawn mowed by abandoned garden site

MORE grass! Keeps down mosquitoes and reduces fire hazard--that's why.
Guest-picked posies
Reason #2: We’ve had a lot of company. Company means cleaning and cooking and visiting and visiting and visiting and showing friends and family the local sights. -- Unfortunately, I have limited photographic evidence to offer for this reason, because of three recent visits in as many weeks, my camera was available only for the second one.

Finally warm enough for front porch dining

Hanging around the table after dinner -- a favorite pasttime
Now all the company is gone, lawn mowed for the third time, and I’m engrossed in and halfway through Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli’s new book, Dead Little Dolly. Counting on bookstore helper Bruce to write a review of Bob Underhill’s latest murder mystery, Suttons Bay. We grabbed at those new titles eagerly, as will bookstore customers.

As for changes at the bookstore, they are almost complete. David and I put up a bulletin board by the front door the other day, so there will be no more need to fill the windows with posters, obscuring the view. (Bulletin board is cool! I love it!) Just a bit more furniture moving, and I’ll no longer be calling the place a work-in-progress. Maybe today? A rainy Tuesday after a sunny holiday weekend seems made to order....


Dawn said...

Company is good! Mowing the grass? Well, I enjoy it but it is almost every 4th day right now! The store looks good! So does the yard. And the lettuce will be big enough to eat in a blink of the eye!

P. J. Grath said...

Like that jacket sleeve hanging out between the closet doors? The camera sees everything -- and shows it to me too late!

Yes, lettuce. We've already been enjoying rhubarb and little green onions.