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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Peaceful Timelessness of a Rainy Day

For me, time always seems to stand still on a rainy day. It’s an illusion, I know, but on a long, grey, misty day, with spells of gentle rain, drops streaking and running down the windows and spray from passing vehicles splashing up onto the sidewalks and pedestrians hunched under umbrellas or hoods or newspapers over their heads, the flow of continually alternating sunshine and dark is interrupted. Imagine a measure of rest in a score of music, and over the rest mark a fermata. That’s how it feels. Suspended pause. A time to move slowly from task to task rather than rushing or being rushed. 

Time to stop and look at raindrops on a new begonia. To breathe in the scent of lilacs. To notice and appreciate part of a spiderweb on a fading plum blossom and the short, fragrant life of wild choke cherry blooms.

It was a quiet day at the bookstore on the rainy Tuesday following the holiday weekend. I moved some furniture, hung a picture, put together a book order, drafted a press release. Sold a few books and visited with a few friends. Finished the new Elizabeth Buzzelli mystery -- on the edge of my seat to the last page!

Fun new sign
Sarah was her usual patient self all day. She hasn’t voiced an opinion about our new open sign, the red paw in the window, but then, she’s a quiet dog. Rarely barks and never whines. She’s always up for adventure when it beckons and company when it’s available, but she’s fine with quiet hours and days, too.

Through the rain-hazy front window on Tuesday afternoon


Dawn said...

Sweet post. You had gentle rain. We had driving hard pouring rain. But we needed the rain so I won't complain.

P. J. Grath said...

Strong winds I feared did not arrive. Sun came back out Wednesday afternoon. Today, Thursday, forecast is for temperature to reach 80. Really? Hard to believe, but David and Sarah and I got in a good early outdoor adventure, just to be on the safe side.

Kathy said...

Your rainy day writing is so lovely here. I actually almost felt the ambiance and the raindrop. And the photos are beautiful, too. (However, rain must stop here for a few days if we're to get the garden planted!)

P. J. Grath said...

A producer farmer friend told me yesterday that there's a chance for frost again Monday night. "Last one," he said, as if promising. So I'm planning to wait to plant on Tuesday, because it's easier to bring things indoors than try to cover them in the garden.

Kathy said...

Chance for frost here tonight and Monday night. We haven't planted much yet, either.