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Saturday, September 10, 2011

What Do We Do After You're Gone?

Yes, if Labor Day is your marker for the end of summer, then summer is over. Summer people and tourists are few and far between (though not yet nonexistent). Those of you who have gone home might wonder now and then what happens Up North in your absence. So here are a few things we're doing these days. First there is sitting and looking out over the water, which does not end when school starts, even if an early morning chill makes sweatshirts advisable.

The usual errands still call out to be done, although the stroll to the post office and bank are a bit more leisurely these days. We take a little more time for conversation. The most popular exclamation this week has been "Beautiful day!" The most widely asked question is, "How was your summer?" or "So, didja have a good summer?"

Flowers are still blooming in flower boxes, Barb is still making cinnamon twists, and locals are still gathering for coffee around the big tables. It's still warm enough to sit outside on the benches, too, as some prefer to do.

Here's news you may find shocking. Sometimes there are even bookstore events after Labor Day! Friday (just yesterday), for instance, we had a visit from Traverse City gardener and writer Dee Blair. We did not have a huge crowd, but it was a decent turnout, and those who came enjoyed themselves with the guest author for quite a while, one calling me later from home to rhapsodize about the opportunity for personal conversation with Dee. "It was the best afternoon of my summer!" this friend confided happily. "I feel like I'm back in the world!"

Note to those still here or those who will be back in October: Jerry Dennis will be on hand from 5-7 p.m. on Friday, October 7, to sign his new book, The Windward Shore: A Winter on the Great Lakes. Then on Saturday, October 15, the horses and the Oompah Band will be back in town for our Fall Festival. (See here for pictures from last year.)

Yes, we're all drawing deep breaths as life slows down a bit. It was a lovely summer, but fall is lovely, too.


Dawn said...

So.....dija have a good summer? I think maybe you did! :) And I bet the fall will be wonderful too.

P. J. Grath said...

Summer was the usual beautiful, exhausting blur, but I'm calling it good. Now comes a little vacation time, and then back for fall in Northport, which will also be good. Just wait and you'll see!

Helen Selzer, said...

The same is true in the MA Berkshires, where I live and where I have my book and library antiques store. Stores like mine have few local customers, so this is our down-time while we wait for the Fall Foliage -- and the return of our customers.

This September, though, we have lots of new things to see, as Hurricane Irene has changed the landscape, at least temporarily; in our town, it's mostly for the better.

The little stream behind my store is now a huge and noisy river -- and I love it!

P. J. Grath said...

Helen, I'm glad that ill wind blew someone some good. A river behind a bookstore sounds magical. I hope you are able to draw some deep breaths in September and that you will have a very busy color season. Up as far as we are on our peninsula, it isn't nearly as busy as farther south--but then, I'd have a hard time with those demanding crowds. Life in the slow lane suits me fine.

Helen, said...

I can certainly identify with that! I'm yearning for the slow lane and I've promising myself to move into that lane immediately after the fall foliage -- and to stay there forever!