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Thursday, September 1, 2011


The Popularity Papers, by Amy Ignatow (NY: Amulet Books, 2010). Paper, $8.95

Today’s book review comes to you from Cassidy Mork, who will enter sixth grade next week at Northport Public School.

Wow! I just read the most exciting book I’ve ever read in my whole entire life! The first thing I like about the story is when the first couple of pages tell a little bit about the characters in the story--for instance, that Lydia has blonde hair and she wears glasses, she’s a good singer, and she loves ice cream. She wishes she had more style, and she’s tall. Julie, her best friend, is obviously different. Julie is not tall, has brown hair, she is pretty much a good drawer but not really with ears, and she wishes she could fly.

As the story goes on Lydia and Julie try to figure out a name for their little club. They finally figure a name which is called Learn & Improve. Everybody agreed.

Then Lydia, Julie, Melody (her sister in junior high), Gretchen Meyer, Lisa Kovac, Jane Astley, Subie Thomas, Michael Cavelleri, Ross Dennenberg, Jamie Burke and Peters went on a camping trip, and they were all paired in four groups. Then when they were camping in Buck’s Valley Melody’s sister Brigit took all of Melody’s socks and underwear, so Melody kept being called Smelly Melly.

Towards the end of the story Julie and Lydia were talking about Lisa, and she came stomping through, and the girls didn’t want Lisa to know. [I guess you have to read the story to found out how this confrontation is resolved. That’s good, because we don’t want to spoil the story for you before you read it.–pj]

At the end of the story the girls find the coolest people they know.

Cassidy listed the “coolest people” at the end of her review, but I’m leaving that part out—again, so we won’t give away too much of the story for those who haven’t read it yet. Thank you, Cassidy, for reviewing this book for "Books in Northport" readers. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The Popularity Papers, by Amy Ignatow, introduces fifth-graders Julia and Lydia, whose adventures continue in The Long-Distance Dispatch (#2 in the series) and (#3) Words of (Questionable) Wisdom.


Dawn said...

Wonderful review! I love that it's the best story she's read in her whole life! Sounds like something fun to read for sure.

P. J. Grath said...

I was happily surprised and impressed when Cassidy brought in a written report and written thank-you note two days after I'd given her the book to read, asking only that she let me know if she liked it.

Kathy said...

Enjoyed Cassidy's book review very much! How wonderful of you to post it. Tell her perhaps she has a career in writing in her future. (If not, she'll probably be a reader for life.)

P. J. Grath said...

Cassidy's world is full of possibilities. She is also a musician and plays violin and piano.