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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trying Out Snowshoes

There would be more pictures and a much more complete photo-essay if David had gone out in the cold with me farther than our front walk. I did go way out in the meadow with Sarah, but this you'll have to accept on faith, because there are no pictures of us out there. I have not tried any steep hills yet. Two criteria for success were met this first time out (Sunday): (1) keeping my feet in the snowshoes and (2) not falling down. Shall I try hill-climbing the next time out?


Gerry said...

Was it fun? Did you get to snowshoe across deep snow, feeling how nice it is to stay on top of it? I do like snowshoes. It took awhile to adjust my stride, though. At first I strained my thigh muscles fiercely. It's almost impossible to take photos while snowshoeing with a dog. You can do any two of those three things, but not the third!

P. J. Grath said...

I didn't even take my camera out with me, Gerry! See those heavy mittens? It was too cold to take them off to fool around with a camera shutter.

The snow was so soft that I wasn't on top of it. Well, I was walking on top of some of it but not all. When there's a crust, it will be different. It will take more time out on them to find my stride, too. For now I'm content at keeping the snow from coming in over the tops of my boots. Success is within reach when one sets low goals.

Dawn said...

I LOVED snowshoing when I lived in the UP. Especially on powder where you feel like you're walking on marshmellows. Didn't like to use them on crusty snow as much...but back then I had the big wooden snow shoes. Heck I still do. Should find those..we have enough snow to goof around with them in the back yard. Bet they'd scare Katie! :)

P. J. Grath said...

Dogs and snowshoes! Sarah was curious and a trifle wary. Our old dog, Nikki, would have been completely freaked out! If you dig out your old snowshoes, get some pictures of Katie's reaction, will you?

Dawn said...

sounds like a plan. we're supposed to get more snow Fri night...

P. J. Grath said...

I will try to be excited by the prospect of "more snow," Dawn. If only our driveway weren't so darned long--!

And now, here's a comment that came by e-mail from a reader who had trouble leaving it the usual way:

"Are the smaller snowshoes as helpful for staying on top of the snow as the wider ones?

"My inner thighs used to ache so much after going out with the larger snowshoes for an afternoon. Not sure if it was because of the way my legs were placed while walking with the wide shoes or because of the weight of them.

"Happy trails,

Amy-Lynn, I can't compare with the big bear-claw snowshoes as I've never tried them. Only other kind I've tried were small, lightweight aluminum, rectangular in shape. I had a lot of trouble with keeping the straps tight and became exhausted my one day out on them. But then I came down with flu for a whole week and realized my exhaustion could not all be laid at the snowshoes' feet. So to speak.