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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Horrible News and Donation Address

The morning Shelf Awareness newsletter always has bits of sad news along with the happier items, but today a shocked "Oh, no!" burst from me as I read the following item:
Sad news about Pierre Vos-Camy, a bookseller at Schuler Books and Music, Grand Rapids, Mich. While vacationing with his family and wife's extended family in Puerto Rico, thugs broke into his rental home. Responding to cries for help from family members, he was shot and is now paralyzed from the chest down.

Last week he was transferred to a hospital in Miami, where his wife, Jolene, has stayed. The children have returned to Grand Rapids. He will soon transfer to a rehabilitation hospital in Grand Rapids. His church, Church of the Servant, has begun to set up a fund to help the family meet unexpected expenses, including alterations to their home. Please send any contribution--made out to COS-Benevolent Fund with Vos-Camy Family on the memo line--to Church of the Servant, 3835 Burton St. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 49546. The church will also deliver any mail messages to the family. The church may be reached at 616-956-7611.

Grand Rapids, south of Traverse City and north of Kalamazoo, is home to many part-time Leelanau residents and many summertime Dog Ears Books customers. Schuler Books and Music is a wonderful bookstore. I don't know the Vos-Camy family personally, but there can't be many degrees of separation between us, so I am reprinting the Shelf Awareness article here to share with my readers, friends and customers.


Kathy said...

Pamela, this is so disturbing. I just read it out loud to Barry. Can hardly believe this happened...and you are, right, there are not many degrees of separation between us all.

P. J. Grath said...

For me, this comes on top of the awful news from Queensland, a disaster I've been following through new friends in Australia.

Dawn said...

It does seem as though the world has gone crazy all at the same time. This is very distressing news, though I don't know him or the bookstore. Still, I have had many friends who were paralyzed, and from the chest down is very difficult. He and his family will need much support, emotionally as well as financially.

P. J. Grath said...

Of course, I didn't mention Arizona, which is so much with us all. Of that story, I think I need to read about the people who jumped right in to restrain the shooter and help the victims and protect others. "To keep one's head when all about," etc. But then, as you point out, there is the aftermath. Always consequences.