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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday to Savor

The morning opened well, cold but windless. Cold and snow are so much easier to accept without fierce, bitter wind! Gaps in the clouds gave early hints of possible later sunshine, a promise fulfilled by afternoon.

La fête de Mac Thomas s’était très bien passé! Our advance publicity was wonderful; the weather smiled on us; people trekked from near and far to visit with Mac and purchase his book; and it was a very congenial crowd, thus a nice afternoon party. Mac had stories to tell to match everyone’s interest, and the time sped by. The event had been planned and advertised for two hours, 2 to 4, but it was 5 o’clock before we wound things up, a happy success.

Among those coming from outside Northport were:

Mary Bush from the Business Helper in Suttons Bay, who did a lot of work on photographs for the book –

And Barb Tholin and Charlie Wunsch (with son, Ellis) of Edible Grande Traverse magazine.

It was good to drive home in the last light of the day, looking forward to an easy supper of (planned) leftovers and a cozy pack evening.


Anonymous said...

As always, your posts make me wish I lived closer to Northport--by road that is! (It's tantalizing to look over there and see the lights twinkling on the Leelanau.) But then I couldn't live here, and so it goes.

The shimmer of the lake in the first photo makes me think of the satin gowns those glamor-pusses of the thirties wore.

P. J. Grath said...

Two words that together make a whole poem: watered silk.