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Monday, May 3, 2010

Usual Suspects From Three Townships Gather

Sunday was a beautiful day for a drive down to Empire, taking in the sights of Sleeping Bear Dunes. Late afternoon was a beautiful time to meet friends at Circa Estate Winery for a show of paintings by Gina Erb, Helen Sica, Kathie Snedeker and Trudy Underhill. It was a great crowd, with Leland, Northport and Suttons Bay people all coming together.

Vintner Margaret Bell and grower David Bell were kept busy pouring and selling wine.

I love the big mirror behind the bar, a way to see people’s faces rather than only their backs.

People looked at paintings, too. I did myself, more than you would think from these photographs. Why not more pictures, pictures of paintings? Well, a man I know, currently taking a photography class in Traverse City, saw my camera and wanted to tell me how to take pictures, which rather put me off the project. Can anyone tell me—sorry, guys!—what is it with men? Why does a man so often (not always but oh, so often) see a woman and immediately assume she’s been waiting for a lesson from him in whatever it is she’s doing? Enough said?

Back to the grape theme, here's a tendril from the wild variety growing in the backyard of my Kalamazoo friends Laurie and Godfrey. This photograph was taken on Earth Day 2010.


Deborah said...

Wish I'd been with you at Circa Estates. I'd definitely have enjoyed the art, the wine, and hanging out with you.

Karen said...

Your photos prove you are eminently capable with the instrument!

P. J. Grath said...

Deborah, the next time you visit we will go to Circa. You'll love it. David is having his paintings there in October.

Karen, thanks. What I need is a drawing teacher. That is, I know the teacher I want but have to make the time for the class or lessons.

Mary Lee said...

Pamela - any chance you do have a couple shots of the artists, too?

I would have loved to have been there and seen the women and their works.

-- Mary Lee

P. J. Grath said...

That was my intention, Mary Lee, but they were all so busy, and I got put off my picture-taking mission and so missed the chance. There was a nice picture of all four women in the Enterprise. Do you get it while you're away? And when will you be here?

Mary Lee said...

Hi Pamela --

Yes, we get the Enterprise, but we read it sporadically. Now I've got a reason this week.
You'll see us in about six weeks. We sure look forward to it. (Thanks for asking!)