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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Old Note to Self, Found

Day Four:

My sister showed me her fancy cell phone last night. She can download her e-mail to it, play games, and write herself memos. I pulled out my little spiral-bound paper memo book to show her and flipped to the page where I wrote a poem last May, somewhere on the road to Kalamazoo:

“Road Kill”

No summer fun is coming
For the raccoon on the shoulder
Of the road.
If life were a cartoon,
Its eyes would be X’s.
If life were a cartoon,
A loud enough noise
Could re-animate the corpse,
And the raccoon,
Shaking its head dizzily,
A little stiff-legged,
Would amble down to the shore
And dip again for crayfish.

- P.J. Grath

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