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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Turning Leaves

The images are all on my camera. Can't get them up here at present, alas! Sumac is flaming red, pin cherry orange-red, black walnut and basswood golden yellow, and ash every color from butterscotch to deep plum. Beautiful fall so far.

Without images, a few notes:

First, deep and heartfelt thanks to Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli, who came all the way from Kalkaska to Northport on Saturday to entertain Dog Ears Books customers and visitors with a fascinating and humorous talk, touching upon everything from the magic and mystery of Up North to how she came to live in the pine woods, how pieces of her life translate into fiction and especially to the role of crows in that process. To meet with such talent and generosity in one and the same person leaves me almost speechless with gratitude. Those who missed the chance to hear and meet Elizabeth can still buy a signed copy of her book, DEAD DANCING WOMEN, at Dog Ears Books--while they last! I have to warn that my supply of signed copies is rapidly dwindling.

Another extended opportunity--to contribute to the restoration of the old lighthouse on South Fox Island and to acquire beautiful art at the same time--is being offered at the Painted Horse Gallery, our neighbor at 106 Waukazoo Street. Most people at the Friday reception were having such a good time ("It was a great party!" all agreed) that the fund-raising aspect of the event slipped out of focus. So, a reminder: A portion of the proceeds from sales of all photographs and paintings in the show (prices range from $5 to $2,800) goes to FILA, Fox Island Lighthouse Association, to restore this historic old northern Lake Michigan landmark. That was the whole reason for the artists' trip to the island in June and for this October's show in Northport, so please come back for another look. This show is worth looking at more than once, anyway.

David and I made a change in our lives recently, liberating ourselves from TV. It was his idea, and I provided the applause. When asked on the phone (when he called to cancel) why he wanted to stop the service, David told the representative he wanted to read more, talk to his wife more, listen to music, play music "and pet my dog." Already we are reading aloud more to each other in the evenings, and it's great. Whoever is the listener for the evening does most of the dog-petting. All three of us benefit, and the pack bond is strengthened.


Gerry said...

I just love the "pack bond" image! You wrote once of a "pack day" and I've thought of that often while petting double-time. Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I spent the weekend pack-bonding with Rob the Firefighter, the Lady Alicia, and their dogs Fred and Lucy; no one mentioned TV.

I like TV as much as the next person, and find that living without it leaves me completely at sea with respect to popular culture references. I can deal.

P. J. Grath said...

Well, I love your dogs' names, Gerry! Do you know the book called PACK OF TWO, which is just what it sounds like?

And wasn't today a heavenly day? The bright colors of the leaves, their scent in the warm air, etc.? We had dinner guests and sat outside way into the dark, an oil lamp on the table (as breeze kept blowing out the candles). This is life! Plenty of scraps for Sarah, too.

Gerry said...

One gorgeous day after another - I'm delirious with colors and scents and the whitecaps on the Bay. And now another book for the list! Ah well, soon enough there will be long, dark evenings wrapped in a quilt with a book. It's all good.

Maiya Willits said...

Wow, the TV thing is a big change. I know you'll like it. We watch very little ourselves -- except for a few rentals -- and can't imagine life any other way. Gives you so much more time!

P. J. Grath said...

And yet, Maiya--still not enough time!