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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Train of Days

This was yesterday morning’s sunrise, a brief glimpse of the sun between horizon and clouds before hours of rain. The walk two friends and I had hoped to take (while Bruce manned the bookstore counter) turned into four hours of indoor talk. (Not to say we didn’t enjoy the talk!) Inexplicably, clear skies returned today.

No, I haven’t finished STORM. A novel, THE WILD IRISH, by Robin Maxwell, distracted me. The story begins when a female Irish pirate comes to the court of Queen Elizabeth I. Talk about a literary device! Quite gripping! But then along came READING THE LANDSCAPE, by May Thielgaard Watts, so now I’ve got three different books going, and it’s anyone’s guess which one I’ll ride to the finish line first. And why not? The joy of having left academic life is that I have no required reading list and can pick up whatever calls my name loudest.

Today was a furniture-moving day at Dog Ears Books. My printer moved up into heatable space, and the stage was set for Erin Hartman’s reading on Saturday afternoon. We're making it an autumn party, with apple cider and pumpkin donuts. I think Hope Quinlan would approve.

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